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The Old Maine Travelers are Peter and Jean Richards, who met more than a half century ago covering President John F. Kennedy on what would become his last trip to Boston.  They worked for many years as wire service and newspaper reporters and editors.  Peter did a nightly television show on WGBH, Boston, before he went into government in the administration of John V. Lindsay, mayor of New York City. After they moved to their brownstone in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, Jean did a spell on Madison Avenue in the real “Mad Men” days and later became public relations officer at Chase Manhattan Bank.  Since 1973 they have worked together first as owners and publishers of a group of award-winning newspapers in Dutchess County, N.Y., and then as antiques dealers.  Now they are old and live on the coast of Maine and in the Southwest of France when not traveling further afield. In the red barn by their house in Damariscotta, Maine, they tend an antique shop specializing in 18th and 19th century furniture, metalwork and accessories, buying objects they know about and like and selling them from May to October to delightful people of obvious discernment and taste. In France, they live in an old stone house in the shadows of the remaining towers of an unfinished 17th century church and above Roman drains in a town along a pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella. They love it — for its authenticity and abundant boulangeries.  The rest of the time they travel the world together seeing the sights, seeking out museums, stumbling into interesting conversations, savoring local specialties and otherwise bumbling along in their own style. For years they have sent article-length postcards to family, friends, fellow travelers and some media. Many of these will now be posted here.

Spring Ahead to the Slow Lane in Italy’s Po Valley and Lake District

  By Jean and Peter Richards A short driving trip meant to fill time and gaps in our travels in Italy turned into three memorable weeks along the Po Valley and into The Lake District just as it awakened in … Continue reading

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Hemingway came to Cuneo to buy candy — we followed and found a lot more

  by Peter & Jean Richards Cuneo was a big surprise. More to Jean, who asked, “Why do you want to go to a dumpy little town like Cuneo?” After two eye-opening and enjoyable weeks in northern Italy, including Modena, … Continue reading

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Li River Cruise and Rice Noodles Nourish the Soul in Guilin, China

by Jean and Peter Richards The Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is one of the most touristic trips in China, but it is a journey worth taking. We had the good fortune to fly in from Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Savor the Flavors of the Friuli in Spring (or anytime)

By Jean and Peter Richards Spring is a good time to savor the flavors of the Friuli where the warmth of an Italian welcome is always in season. The natural resilience of the people of this long-besieged landscape manifests itself … Continue reading

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Japan: complex, mysterious and isolated

By Jean and Peter Richards Japan surprised and grew on us. We were surprised to learn that a country with such global reach could still be so insular and homogeneous. It was something of a shock to be in cities … Continue reading

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Food in Japan: look, eat, learn

By Jean and Peter Richards We ate well in Japan; sometimes we did not know what we were having. In our half century searching for good things to eat across the globe, never have we seen so many ingredients we … Continue reading

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Prada Puts on a Devil of a Display in Hong Kong

By Peter & Jean Richards Prada has put on a surprisingly interesting road show, Pradasphere, which is parked atop Pier Four on Hong Kong Island’s Victoria Harbor until 5 December 2014. The luxury goods company has been reported to have … Continue reading

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